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Beware, Installing Mod APKs for Smartphones Can Be Dangerous

Mod APKs can be found in games or applications that we can download on unofficial platforms. Mod APKs in games can make users feel premium features for free, such as all game progress, lots of in-game money, high levels, etc. While the application is the same, users can experience premium features for free. Not only unlocking premium features, there are also applications that do not feature in the official application, in the mod application there are even.

As a result, many smartphone users are tempted by the lure of the features offered. Without spending a penny, users can sample premium features for free even if it’s illegal.

What is a Mod APK?

Mod Application
Mod Application

A mod application is a modified application developed by an unofficial third-party developer with additional features, making it more interesting than the official application. The mod application does not come from the original developer or is illegal.

Is APK Mod Safe?

Even though it feels safe, you have to know what risks you can take when using the modified application.

Actually on Android there is already a prevention if users install applications from unknown sources. For example, persist in installing, users must be forced to change permissions to install applications from unknown sources in the settings menu.

From here Android has warned that changing permission settings is actually dangerous.

What are the Dangers of Mod APKs?

Mod applications do provide what users need, such as premium features that should be paid for free and unlimited.

But behind it all, the risk of installing mod applications always lurks.

Let’s see what are the dangers that can occur when using a mod application.

1. Banned

Not infrequently, application or game mod user accounts are banned for using third-party applications.

The developer will usually indicate player accounts that have unusual activities such as suddenly having unlimited points and the like even though there are no purchase transactions. Usually users who cheat will be permanently blocked within a certain time.

Even in the worst case, the developer can ban the device. This means that your smartphone will no longer be able to use the application or game even if you change to a new account.

2. Virus Infection

Mod applications have a low security risk because the initial code that has been created by the developer is changed or redesigned. If the conversion process is not correct, it can cause a security flaw in the application which may allow your data to be infected with viruses.

In addition, irresponsible third parties can create mod applications that have been inserted with viruses and can damage your smartphone.

3. Trigger Adware

App modifiers also want to take advantage of the APKs they’ve restructured. The modified APK is inserted with ads that can appear suddenly and the ads that appear are very annoying and irrelevant to our interests.

The solution to this problem, you can install an antivirus which can remove the adware. You can see applications that can remove adware at the following link:

Remove Annoying Adware (Malware Ads) for All Devices

4. Your Privacy Is Threatened

Privacy is very important, especially personal data should not be leaked to irresponsible parties because it can be misused.

Irresponsible third parties can take your personal data through the login account on the mod application that you are using.

Mod applications can also tap all data and activity on your smartphone. Moreover, we do not know who developed the mod application.


By using a mod application, it means that you have opened a security hole on your smartphone. Your smartphone is prone to viruses, adware, and personal data leaks.

When viewed from the risk, it is very detrimental when compared to the benefits of application features or mod games which are not much.

Always use original applications from official developers that you can get on trusted platforms like Google PlayStore.