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Do I Need to Install Antivirus on Windows 11?

You don’t need to rush to install an antivirus on Windows 11 because your system already has it.

Windows 11 comes with many improvements in several sectors such as performance, user experience, design, and security. When Microsoft launched Windows 11, they declared it to be the most secure version of the operating system ever.

But some users on community forums say Windows 11 no longer needs antivirus software. So, let’s break this myth together by examining the whole situation. So you can use your system without any fear.

Antivirus on Windows 11

Windows Defender on Windows 11
Windows Defender on Windows 11

Windows 11 already has a free antivirus built into the operating system, namely Windows Defender which is activated by default when you turn on the computer. Initially Windows Defender doesn’t activate right away by default, so you need to set it up yourself. But starting Windows 10, this program is active by default. This means that you who are currently using Windows 11 no longer need to set Windows Defender on.

Although Windows Defender is free, its ability to protect your device and data from viruses, ransomware, trojans, and other malicious programs is unquestionable.

For most users, Windows Defender is sufficient and can be relied upon as the only antivirus on Windows 11. Moreover, it is integrated with Windows 11, it remains light and does not burden the system while remaining strong against virus threats in real time.

But there are some users who still feel they need an antivirus for reasons of added security. There is nothing wrong with installing an antivirus on Windows 11. But you need to note, computer performance becomes a bit heavy because now there are two antiviruses that are active.

There are also users who say that Windows Defender is less than optimal in dealing with viruses because it lacks updates compared to paid antiviruses. Yes, there is a price and there is quality. But…

As long as you only visit trusted sites and can tell which download links are genuine or just advertisements, Windows Defender is enough to protect your system from virus attacks.

Tips to keep Windows 11 safe from viruses

Actually, these are general tips that can be applied to all operating systems, both for desktop and mobile.

  1. Do not arbitrarily receive data from anyone via flash media or the like.
  2. When browsing the internet, avoid clicking on fake download links, you should be able to tell the difference. Usually fake download links are made more attractive than real download links.
  3. Be careful when downloading file attachments or when clicking links in unfamiliar emails.
  4. Don’t install any apps you get from the internet or your friends. Make sure you get the application directly from the official website.

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As long as you don’t do things like visiting untrusted sites, don’t download and install haphazardly, Windows Defender is enough and you don’t need to install another antivirus.

If you still want to install the antivirus, try the free version first. If you feel comfortable and helped, you just buy.

Moreover, paid antivirus features and capabilities are very complete and we don’t necessarily need it. In fact, it makes our system slower because there are two antiviruses running.