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Telegram Premium, What are the Features and Cost?

Telegram premium or paid service officially launched at the end of June. Its increasingly clear presence is marked by the appearance of a beta version on the App Store with version 8.7.2. This version shows a set of stickers and emojis that you can access only through a paid subscription.

For sticker recipients who are not paid users, when downloading the sticker the user will receive instructions to subscribe first.

Although there is a paid service option, Pavel Durov promises there will be no impact for the free service.

Telegram illustrations
Telegram illustrations (Source: Iran Human Rights)

Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram said that Telegram Premium will launch later this month to customers who are willing to pay.

After thinking about it, we realized that the only way to meet the needs of users who wanted more, but still keep existing features free, was to increase the limits and make it a paid option.

– Pavel Durov, Founder of Telegram –

What are the Features?

Telegram promises a feature if users are willing to pay for Telegram Premium.

First and foremost, users can download extra large documents and media up to 4GB, stickers, exclusive reactions, faster downloads, voice-to-text conversions, avatar animations and tools to customize messages. As for other advantages, there is still no related clarity.

What is the Subscription Fee?

The Telegram team hasn’t said exactly how much it costs to subscribe to Telegram Premium. But from rumors circulating that Telegram Premium will be priced at $4.99 per month.


Although there are paid services that promise a number of features. Turns out it won’t affect and there won’t be any changes for the free version. Given the price that is priced, it is quite commensurate with the features offered. Interested to try it?